A Really Bad Weekend!

Good Morning everyone on this Sunday March 4th…. This has been a terrible weekend for us… yet we managed to make some good memories…

1st, I mentioned previously bad news Friday (on Facebook).  I did not say more until we talked to family  – The pathology results were in and that was the issue. The stomach biopsies again showed cancer and that is not really a surprise. We knew they would gain new territory as the effects of the chemo wore off.

2nd, they took tissue samples from the blockage at the liver and that also showed cancer cells. Barring a miracle, this really rules out the likelihood of surgery for #1… I have spoken to 3 doctors and they are all saying the same.

3rd, we were in emergency yesterday for the drain not working. All they could do was swap out the plugged bag and flush the line. She assured me it would plug again. Well, it did, after about 6 hours yesterday. The line is plugged, 3 flushes no affect so I have just left it. It is not good but in our opinion no worse than before we had no drain. Moving forward, we have spoken with both Dr’s and see the Oncology Dr Tuesday and the Gastro (drain) Dr on Thursday.

So, where is the good… she felt good most of the day…. we went out for breakfast and had a nice time after we left the ER. After coming home, we relaxed a bit and then went down to the dog park in Savannah with Maggie. It was so nice for the 3 of us to get out together on an outing. We had 2 outings in the day and both enjoyed them and the time together… You make the best of what you can when you can!! 

She was not feeling well after dinner and went and laid down quite early. She slept through the and I was concerned and kept checking on her so I did not sleep real well…

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