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I am having some up’s and down’s but doing well at the moment.    I was having some breathing issues and really suspected COPD (had been reported on my recent scans).   My feet were swelling and I was unable to lay and elevate my feet due to breathing.   I also decided it was a good time to change Dr’s.   My Dr was ok but I needed to be able to get appointments and answers when I needed them…    I switched to MDVIP and the same Dr I selected for Lyn.   Ken is also a personal friend so I know he will take care of us.   I called and he was still accepting new patients so the next day, Feb 7th, I went in to see him.   He did a full workup on me and it appears that I have fluid in my lungs and also outside them causing the breathing difficulty.  My EKG looked good and sent a copy of that and my chest XRay to take with to my Cardiologist on Friday.    He prescribed a water pull to remove the fluids, has me monitoring weight and we will review after my Cardiologist vist on Friday.

Friday the 9th back into town to visit my cardiologist for a followup and echo test.   Reasonably good report… rate and rhythm is all good.. heart function has almost doubled from when hospitalized.. he was pleased.. Looks like I will need a valve replacement down the road…   Not too excited about that but at least now it is not urgent and we will continue to monitor.   I go back in a month and we made some mods (reductions) of some of my Meds.

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