Lyn’s Updates

It was a short month but a busy one for sure regarding Lyn’s care.   We ended last month with a PetScan which left us with 2 un-answered questions and a delayed Atlanta trip.

Thursday the 1st we went back into town to Candler Hospital for a CT Scan which really did not show/add anything new.  Then on Monday Feb 5th she had a ERCT right here in Pooler for the liver…   Later in the week we had a meeting at Candler Outpatient regarding the lung Biopsy they were going to perform.   This CT did not add any new news other than confirm enlarged (and blocked) bile ducts.

Monday the 12th, back in to Candler for the Biopsy….     That was about 5 hours total and in the end a lung collapsed (not un-common) so they re-inflated and left a tube in her chest.   On Wed, we went back in, had the tube removed…  then off to Dr Borak’s office.   Here, we decided to try and do a scope procedure for the liver issue, hoping he could locate and determine what was causing the blockage.   This was scheduled for a week away, Thursday Feb 22nd.   In the meantime, the good news was Negative on the lung Biopsy…

Back to Candler on the 22nd, plan was a 3 to 4 hour total time for a scope procedure.   Not in our cards….    Dr came out after and talked to me, he was unable to get through the cancer and scar tissue to see the bile ducts.   He wanted to keep her overnight and then put a drain tube in to remove the bile fluids and hopefully relieve the liver.   This would be temporary as we we continue to try and find the cause of the blockage and a way to clear it.   This was done on Friday and I was able to bring her home on Sunday.

This procedure involved a surgical insertion of a tube form the bile ducts to drain outside her her body into a small bag.  Care involves draining (currently I do it twice a day) and a daily flush of the line which I also do.  Once a week, a nurse will visit and inspect and re-dress the surgical point.   My understanding is they took some tissue samples and also had sent out some more biopsy samples for comparison from the stomach.  We hope to here back by the end of the week.


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