Lyn’s Updates

Lyn’s appointment on the 26th went well as did therapy. We had one little glitch later in the day when I spoke to the folks at Infuse Science regarding the labs this week. Albumin was good which was a surgery goal but of the 4 markers for liver function, 2 were high and one had spiked quite a bit. After a consult with them and her Dr, they decided to take her off TPN for a few days and give her liver a rest. I ran yesterdays to this morning as normal, and we will not hook up today’s nor will we get a new shipment today.

Monday is lab day, we will do labs and then analyze middle of week and then generate an updated plan. We have a Wed appointment in Atlanta with the surgeon and also planning a Pet Scan next week.

Last Friday I reported that some liver markers were elevated and they stopped TPN to give her body (and liver) a rest. I did not mention the concerns that it may be more and hence the Pet Scan yesterday, before our Atlanta visit. The scan was at 1:30 and at 8:00pm her Oncology Dr called me at home…

There were a couple concern areas but overall this was a Great Scan! No change in the stomach area and no sign of the C in the lymph nodes or abdominal Cavity (GOOD!!)

Liver showed enlarged bile ducts no did not display signs of C. (GREAT as I was worried). We do not know why and have to track that down…

A nodule showed on the lung that did not appear before and that was of a concern. Let me add these have shown up over several years, not grown in size and also previously biopsied negative.

Her Dr shared the data with the surgeon last night and they talked before he called me. (they were busy  ) They decided before we made the trip, lets investigate these other 2 anomalies and put them to rest 1st and we agree.    We are going to do a contrast CT for the lung (scheduled for 2/1) and will be consulting with a specialist on the liver.   Hoping that soon we can re-schedule for Atlanta

Happy with the scan overall and remaining optimistic and fighting!


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2 Responses to Lyn’s Updates

  1. Don, Stephanie, & Grace says:

    Praying for you Aunt Lyn for a successful recovery and C free. Sending prayers to keep you both strong. Hope all goes well. We love you both very much.

  2. April says:

    Love you Lyn..your a fighter!

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