Today was my Cardioversion at Memorial Hospital in Savannah.   I have been in a A-Fib condition for a couple months and we have not been able to get it under control with meds.    This treatment is basically applying a shock to your heart to reset the rhythm.

Electrical cardioversion– Also known as “direct-current” or DC cardioversion, a synchronized (perfectly timed) electrical shock is delivered through the chest wall to the heart through special electrodes or paddles that are applied to the skin of the chest and back. The goal of the procedure is to disrupt the abnormal electrical circuit(s) in the heart and thereby to reset the heart to normal rhythm. This split second interruption of the abnormal beat allows the heart’s electrical system to regain control and restore a normal heartbeat. Electrical cardioversion is performed in a hospital setting where oxygen levels,  blood pressure and heart rhythm are closely monitored.


Normal sinus rhythm can be restored more than 90 percent of the time, however atrial fibrillation or other abnormal rhythms may recur in over time. Your doctor may prescribe medications or recommend catheter ablation to reduce the risk of atrial fibrillation recurrence.

I arrived and they monitored me and hooked me up to an IV….    when they started the drugs, I was out almost immediately and when I awoke, I felt fine.  They told me that the procedure worked and they only needed one shock to get my rhythm normal.   So far, it appears to have stayed normal and I have a followup with the cardiologist in Feb.

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