Kit Building….

Since I am stuck at home most of the time caring for Lyn, I decided to get a kit or 2 to work on in my free time at the house.   What I really wanted was a flintlock pistol but i could not make up my mind on one so I settled for a couple knife kits, then added a tomahawk kit and before it was all done, found and added the pistol.

I started with the 2 knife kits, representative of late 1700 and early 1800 knives.  The first one was from James Townsend and sons.

The 2nd knife came from….


The Tomahawk came from Mike Hughes in Ohio…    It is almost finished, need to drill the smoke hole, attach the weathered brass cap and the beads and feathers…


Not started yet is the Pedersoli frontier pistol kit…   it is next after the Tomahawk.

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