Catching Up!

Wow!!   Where has the time gone???   Seems like I just updated but it has actually been since September.    How the time has flown….     Been difficult keeping up here and I need to try and do a better job.   Now, we will catch up with a somewhat summary….

In October, we were trying to get her enough PT to prepare for going to Atlanta to see the surgeon on the 24th.   Progress was slow but good.   About the 18th, I noticed an elevated heart rate on ME.   I thought maybe just the stress from caring for her and could not go in anyway as I had to care for Lyn.   Then on the 21st (Saturday), while PT was with her, I went in and ended up in ICU for irregular heart rhythm. (AFIB).  They kept me through Monday, only releasing me so I could go with her to Atlanta.   Scott picked me up, then we went and got Lyn (and Leesa who came in Saturday) and headed on up.

The visit to Atlanta was a disaster.   She could not even stand as a result of everyone just rolling her around in a wheelchair.   (She had 24 hour home care while I was in the hospital)   The surgeon indicated that she was not a surgical candidate (which we knew at that time) but also offered little if any hope going forward. (which was a disappointment)

We then met with her doctor who suggested, we try to fatten her up and follow up with a scope and biopsy which we did.  The biopsy indicated the chemo had done it’s job which if we could fatten her up, would possibly allow us to present her again as a surgical candidate.   I started monitoring caloric intake and while he suggested 3000, she just could not consume that much but we were getting her 2100 per day.   We also contracted for Home Care in the mornings to assist me in caring for her.   That, while costly has turned out to be a blessing, especially with my heart. (to be discussed later)

Fast Forward to the end of November…   Met with Dr Taylor and she is continuing to lose weight, now down to 93 pounds.   In his opinion, she has worked hard but we are against a clock and need to add weight.   Proposed TPN (IV Feeding) through her port for rapid gain.   Not without some risk but nothing else is working…   We agree and he starts the process.

Fast Forward to Today : Dec, 21st.   Medicare has denied our claim for the TPM, Dr Taylor is responding to their concerns but I have already told him, if we have to, I will pay for the TPN to improve her chance of getting accepted for surgery.  Hopefully a final decision next week and we can proceed one way or the other.   On the plus side, she has started to gain some weight, 8.5 pounds in 2 weeks.  She now weighs 101.8, up from 93.

Regarding me and my heart, the meds are keeping the heart rate in check but the rhythm has not returned to normal.  I had an appointment with my cardiologist last week and we have scheduled a Cardioversion, which is where they go in and shock the heart back into normal rhythm.  It is done as an outpatient and scheduled for Friday Jan 12th.  It is done in the hospital as an outpatient and the Dr says it is over 90% successful in solving the issue.

That brings you all up to date on the medical side of things…   🙂

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