Lyn Hospitalized…

Wow, it has been a rough end to the Month of September!   On Thursday the 7th, she had her last Chemo infusion.   She was really rough after the session and needed my assistance to walk out.  Each session seemed to hit a bit harder and earlier.  By Sunday, while we were preparing for the Hurricane, she was feeling slightly better (remember better is a relative term!) but still fighting me on eating.

By Monday the 11th, Lyn is feeling better, not good and gets tired real easy but so much better than a few days ago… chemo really knocks you for a loop, especially by round 3..  She stayed about the same the next couple days..

Thursday the 14th:  Well todays oncology visit showed that the chemo is really wearing her down. More weight loss, blood work compromised, blood pressure low… and an infection. They gave her fluids and an antibiotic for the infection. Dr. indicated that she is still doing good for her stage in the process… 2 more weeks and she off of these chemo drugs for this stage of the treatment.  She had a pump change for her 24/7 drug.

Saturday the 16th, I went in to Claire’s 1st Birthday at Scott & Morgan’s.  Lyn did not feel up to going and stayed home.   Sunday, she was rough all morning.  I came home from groceries and she was getting worse.  Not making sense, unable to stand/walk with out assistance.  At a point where she became totally incoherent I called 911 and had her taken to emergency.  They treated her for pneumonia and after running some tests decided to keep her and transfer her to ICU.

On Monday we learned she also had a very dangerous strain of bacteria in her blood.  Coupled with Pneumonia and her weakened immune system from the Chemo this was very serious.   They began treating her with antibiotics, fluids, electrolytes and shots to stimulate her white blood count.

Tuesday, the 19th, they ended her Chemo by removing the pump.  Lyn is doing OK, there is steady improvement, just seems slow to me. white blood count still improving but not there yet. Good sign is that she is starting to eat (and wanting too eat also).  Goal now is to get her health improved, get her home and keep her on track for the next step with is the cancer surgery.   She is not out of the woods yet but all is looking good.

Wed was a mixed day… disappointing in the morning as she was more disoriented than the day before, in spite of improving numbers. Later, I remembered my Dad who was hospitalized several times with infections of the blood and he was also the same. Once the infection was cleaned up, he was normal! On a good note, the Vertigo was gone.  Later in the day when I returned for the afternoon visit she was much less disoriented… Also, they had gotten her out of the bed (PT) and hopefully that will be a daily thing.

Thursday the 21st was mixed news… pneumonia is actually worse as she is too weak to expel it… and the bacteria in her blood is very aggressive so they are treating the same way!  They scheduled a procedure for later to clean out her lung.  The plus’s, Oxygen removed, zero vertigo, disorientation improved… she feels better but weak…

Saturday the 23rd, they moved her to a regular room which we are all pleased about.  Still having problems getting her to eat.   She has been getting shots to boost her white cell production and it finally jumped..   not there yet but much improved.

Monday 9/25 they moved her to the Rehab ward late that evening.  A good sign…

The month ends with her still in Rehab.   Seems like a week of ups and downs …  as soon as we get a good day we pop back with blood pressure or heart rate issues which causes more missed PT.  Plus side was the catheter and the O2 were both removed…


(as we go to press in October, she is getting stronger but still fighting BP issues..  Overrall, we can see her getting home soon)


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4 Responses to Lyn Hospitalized…

  1. Rebecca Taylor says:

    Praying for u guys! We love u!

  2. RockyNH says:

    Thank you Rebecca, hope that things are well with you…

  3. Stephanie Throop says:

    Love you both. Continuously praying for you both.

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