Flintlock Accessories

Last Month I mentioned I bought a Flintlock Rifle….   I had been hoping to get out and shoot it and was waiting on the gunpowder when Lyn got sick, so I still have not shot it.

After the Hurricane, I received a package that was just amazing.  James Castle from Tennessee had seen the post on a muzzle loader group about getting my rifle.   He has been in the “hobby” for years and hand makes his stuff…     When I opened the box it had the following…  (all made by James)

Possibles Bag – Hand made from buffalo hide, button is made with bone…
Powder Horn – Hand made from a cows horn with a handcarved acorn (his signature)
Knife  – Hand forged blade and bone handle
Priming Horn – hand made from a deer leg bone
Hand made bullet Bag
.490 lead bullets – round balls in my caliber that he hand poured.

These are priceless and this from a fellow I never met who just wanted me to have all the stuff I might need!

Thanks James Castle from TN


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