Hurricane Irma

That time of year again, another Hurricane!   Tis the season here in the S Atlantic Coast.  Irma was a Cat 4 Hurricane on the 4th of Sept coming into the Caribbean and the next day increased to a Cat 5.  I had been tracking it since the 3rd and as they adjusted the projected track on the 5th and 6th it was looking worse for GA and Savannah.  If it turned up the coast it could be a disaster for the coast of GA and Savannah.   By the 6th, looked it was looking like a direct track to Savannah but it was still too far away to accurately predict.

We began packing so we would be prepared to leave if needed.  We also began removing all Missiles (lawn chairs etc) from our yard.   On the 7th (Thursday) Lyn had her last Chemo infusion.  Chatham County also issued Mandatory Evac orders for the entire county.   Scott & Morgan were planning to leave to relatives in Alabama.  I was still unsure as the track projections were shifting West (to our advantage) but our plans called for being prepared to leave if it was not safe.  I had a place to stay offered by my friend Mike Brown in Charlotte.   It felt good having a place to go if we needed it.

By Friday the 8th, Lyn was shaky from the Chemo.  The track took a big jump West Thurday night and another smaller one in the morning.   I was beginning to have confidence in staying but we would be prepared either way.  Chatham, County EOC was having a radio problem so I pulled my HF rig out of line and ran it down to them.

On Saturday, we confirmed to all that we were staying (assuming no major change).   We buttoned up our house and yard and prepared to shelter in Place.  By Sunday, the rain started.  I was not going in to operate from the Hospital with Lyn home sick so I operated radio gear in support of CEMA and the Hospitals from Home.

Monday we got the worst that we were going to get, tropical storm winds and rain.  Flooding in Savannah and Hwy 80 to Tybee was closed due to rain and boats!  (Yes I said Boats!)  Two sailboats (large) ended up on the highway!

We had no damage here, just wind and rain, lots of both.


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