Round 2 was rough….

That is round 2 of Chemo…   Round 1, Lyn did not get sick for about 5 days and it was rough for 3, gradually improved and she had good days for the last 10 days..

The 2nd round was much worse…   She started getting sick the day after the treatment and through the end of the month (2 full weeks) really pretty bad.  Trouble eating, losing weight etc and not really able to eat much.  The only good park is that her vitals (BP especially) and blood work have all been good.  She is feeling better going into the last week but is very weak and tires so easily.

Concerned a bit as we fully expect the 3rd round (9/7) to hit her even harder..

She is a fighter…    🙂   we do have some tests and a meeting with the surgeon scheduled for Oct 11th.

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