Flintlock Rifle

I have wanted a flintlock rifle for years!!!   30 plus years ago I built a .50 Hawken Replica from a kit by TC.   It is pretty cool but it is like a percussion mountain rifle…   and I wanted a flintlock.

I have looked at kits but the only affordable ones were 2 piece stocks and I wanted the traditional one piece in the KY/PA style.   I stumbled onto one on an auction site that was at a dealers in TX so I contacted them and discussed the weapon and it’s condition.  The price was good and I negotiated free shipping.  On August 25th, we closed the deal and the rifle arrived here August 31st!

Anxiously opening the box, I was enthused with the condition, it was exactly as described and looks like it has never been fired…    Time to pick up some black powder and head to the range!


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