New Yard – Landscaping

In addition to the new fence, we decided to re-do the entire landscaping.  It was not “bad” but it was old, not well laid out and somewhat overgrown.   The brickwork that defined the bed area was old and sinking so it was uneven.  We wanted to expand the landscape down the side fence where we sit on the patio.  The other side we do not see for the screen room.

Now, we need to find a landscape designer/installer for a turnkey project!!   Did that ever turn out to be a challenge…   I could not get anyone hardly to respond.   I left messages and no one called back.  I got one who answered and said someone would call me back, nothing!   I had one scheduled for a visit and to prepare a quote and he no-showed.   Apparently with all the rain etc…  they were all so busy they did not need my work!

In searching on Angies List, I had past over a company that was new.   I decided to go back and re-visit them and sure enough, they welcomed the work.  They came out on Sunday July 30th and looked at what we wanted.  They seemed to have an understanding of what we wanted and assured us they would get back soon with a quote.  August 5th they sent a quote and then came out with a sketch and photos to discuss with us on the 6th.  We wiggled a bit with the price, agreed to a contract and they started the demo work the next day.

2 weeks later they finished up and we really like it.  I think the highlight for me was the 2 wood features!!

We are enjoying it each and every day!

Work in progress…

Finished Panorama….

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