“C” First Really Bad Days..

Tuesday August 1st, Lyn had a follow-up visit with Victoria.   This was 5 days after the 1st Chemo and she was feeling pretty good.  Victoria checked all her vitals and reviewed her blood work and was pleased with all she saw.  All ranges were well withing standards and she even commented she was prepared to give fluids but she was doing so good that she did not need any.

Then on Wednesday, the bottom dropped out.  She was feeling just lousy, weak and tired.  She had no appetite, ate almost nothing could not keep up with her fluids and eventually started throwing up and had bouts of diarrhea.  She spent most of the day in bed.

Thursday morning, not feeling any better and she went back to bed.  At one point she got out of bed, took about 6 steps and passed out, hitting her head on the wall and floor.  It was 8:30 and I called Summit but they did not open until 9:00.  I could have waited online for the On-Call person but hung up as we were going in anyway for a scheduled pump change.

Upon arrival, they checked white blood count and sent us back to the Infusion Lab.  Vitals showed very low blood pressure.  She also had lost 5 pounds since 2 days ago!!   Spoke to the nurse about the issues and they consulted Dr Mark and gave her fluids, attributing low BP and fainting to de-hydration.  After, they checked her BP and it was back up, they changed the pump and suggested with the food issue to eat snacks all day long.  I did a grocery list and picked up some suggested snacks for her.   She felt better later in the day and then Friday and Saturday she was much more normal.   We have to keep the fluids up and keep up constant eating small bites through the day.

She is also eating better which makes us both feel better!!!    Hey, it will be up and down, we just have to keep up the fight!  Today, Sunday, she is still feeling decent….

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