“C” Preparing for Battle!!

As Lyn will be struggling some through Chemo with good days and bad, we have made some adjustments here to help her out…

  1.   I can help with cleaning but am just NOT good nor thorough.  We hired a housekeeper to come in twice a month and give things a good cleaning.   We interviewed 2 girls yesterday and Lyn picked one.  They will start in 2 weeks.
  2. Meals and Grocery – I can definitely help here but my skills are limited and I do not do grocery stores.   We decided to use 2 online services.
    1. Home Chef is a meal delivery service.  Each week we pick 3 recipes from 10 and they deliver ALL the ingredients in the proper proportions along with instructions for prep and cooking.   Prep the ingredients and follow the instructions!
    2. We also subscribed to a recipe service called EMeals.    Each week they deliver 10 recipes complete with grocery list.  Using their App, we can tag the ones we want and it will create a shopping list for those recipes we selected.   You can select all the items you have and it removes them, then passes the final list to Walmart Grocery.  I can add anything else that we need, submit the list and they pull it for pickup.

We have our first order coming next week from Home Chef and have already selected and ordered “stuff” for 4 meals via Emeals.  The Grocery Pickup was slick, easy and quick!

We have prepared two of the already and they were both good.

Spanish Style Chicken Legs

Ham & Biscuit Stroganoff

Flat Iron Steak w/potatos & veggies

Patty Melt

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