“C” Ups and Downs…

I do not know what else to call it, one day up, one day day down.     Anyway here is a summary from Last month!  This has been a Journey!

7/7   See Sucky Friday…

7/10 DOWN – Heard from Dr Hunters office regarding the ultrasound that was aborted on 7/7.  They are unable to squeeze her in this week and then he leaves for 2 weeks vacation.  We cannot wait 3 weeks to get started!!!

7/12 UP – Had our 1st meeting with Dr Mark Taylor, whom I know from radio.   Scott joined us for this.  The meeting went well and he layed out the treatment plan.   It is aggressive and will be tough on Lyn but it has to be to beat this.   3 rounds of Chemo (3 weeks each), followed by a recovery then Atlanta for surgery…   a delay for recovery and 3 more weeks of Chemo.  She will receive 3 drugs, 2 at the start of each round and have a pump that will send the 3rd drug continuous 24/7.  Dr Mark agreed we are not waiting so will substitute a Pet Scan, the concern being to be sure the Cancer is not all her abdominal cavity.   The drugs can affect the heart so he wants a stress test done.   We will wait to get these all done and also a Chemo Class and the installation of a port in her chest and insurance approval.

7/17 UP  – Dr Taylor’s office called.  We have Chemo Class Wednesday and Pet Scan Wednesday afternoon.

7/19 UP – Excellent visit with Veronica (Dr Marks PA).   Morgan went with us to this one.  She went through in great detail the entire Chemo process and all of the side effects.  In addition we discussed some other issues and she was a “makes things happen” person.   The port had not been scheduled, she did it right there.  She scheduled the 1st chemo for Tuesday.  I asked about Pet scan results and she said normal would be to discuss when we came in for Chemo.  I indicated I did not want to wait that long so she set us up for Friday with Dr Taylor.

7/21 UP & DOWN – We met with Dr Taylor to discuss the Petscan results.   The UP is that it showed the abdominal cavity as clean (Great News).  The down is it showed a couple lesions on the lungs.   They are concerned and want to do a biopsy.  The good side is she has had these for several years and the other Dr’s have been monitoring and they have remained the same, as in no growth.   We are hopeful it will be nothing.   Dr Mark called to the surgeon who is putting the port in Monday and he will also be able to do the biopsy during the same visit.  Chemo is moved to Thursday and Dr Taylor will review the results with us then

7/24 DOWN – We got the port in and the biopsy done as scheduled though it took a bit longer.   In trying to get an IV in for the anesthesia, they tried 3 times on the left side and then switch nurses and tried 2 more on the right with no success.   At this point they decided to try a medical IV in the arm and brought in a technician…   They totally failed and after poking around and 2 techs, she is swollen and black & blue with still no IV line.  Now they called the surgeon in and he put the line in the right arm with no issue!   Now we just have to wait for the biopsy results.

7/27 UP UP and Away! – We met with Dr. Mark and the Biopsy came back negative…  Such great news!!!    We can now proceed with the treatment for the stomach cancer!   Two back to back scares and we won both, here is hoping that is a sign of things to come!

Mark walked us right down to the Chemo Lab where the staff set her up and then applied her 1st round of treatment.   It is a rough road we face but we are ready!   Finally, the treatment has started!

Thank you all for your support, thoughts and Prayers!

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