Sucky Friday

Not the best title for an article, but anything else would be illegal!   Lyn had a test scheduled, EUS (Endoscopic Ultrasound) to identify exactly where her cancer is located.  They put you under for this and enter with a scope via your throat.  I had not left the room very long when I was called back in and the Dr met me to tell me that he was unable to do the procedure. (This was after she was under anesthesia). Apparently there was still food in her stomach.   Very disappointing but he indicated they would try and squeeze her in as soon as possible.

She came to….   and they sent me to get the truck while they finished paperwork…   this is the icing on the cake…      Walking up a paved incline (very slight) I felt/heard a POP and my right foot collapsed.   I almost fell to the ground, only saved by grabbing the truck hood.   I could not support or put any weight on it….    lots of pain, assumed it was just my normal foot issues!

By next morning I was concerned it was something else (thinking torn tendon) and made arrangements to go to a local ortho urgent care walk in clinic.   A couple X-Rays later and we had the answer…   a fracture (end of bone snapped right off)

Anyway, now in a walking back ….   and not walking much!

Following up on Lyn’s issue…   we were informed that they had no openings to do the test this week and that the Dr was on vacation for the 2 weeks after that….     We see the Oncology Dr. on Wednesday and will see what he says, we are hoping we can just get a Chemo plan finalized and get started.   There are only 2 Dr’s in the area that do that test.

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