13 Colonies

The 13 Colonies is a Ham Radio Special Event that runs the 1st week of July each year.   I participated last year and enjoyed it so was looking forward to it again this year.   The object is to make contact with operators assigned to work from each of the Original 13 Colonies.   If you get all 13, it is referred to as a “Clean Sweep”.   There are two bonus stations, one in Philly (Liberty Bell) and one in Great Britain!

Last year, I had all but one in 3 days…   and it took me until the last day to get NJ but I made it and got the “Clean Sweep”.   I also got the Philly Bonus but not GB

This year, I began the morning of July 1st and by the end of the day I had all 15 stations!!!  I had the 13 Colonies for the “Clean Sweep”, Philly AND Great Britain!   This year I had DStar capability and GB was doing DStar (along with HF) and I was able to make an easy contact that way.   Need to do up my logs and stuff and get the papers submitted…

(Picture is someone else’s 2017 Cert)

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