Harper’s Day!

June 22nd was Harper’s day with us.  Lyn had a Dr appointment early in the morning and then we swung by and picked her up.   Once here, she watched a bit of TV and then Lyn took her up to Michael’s to select a craft!   We try to something different with each of them when they are out for the day.   Harper really likes crafts.

They came back with a Sand Art kit and we set up to do it on the coffee table in the Living Room.   Upon finishing the 1st (there were like 5 in the kit) she said that she wanted us to have it!  🙂


The kids always get to choose where they want lunch and Harper chose Firehouse Subs (same as Jack).   We drove into Pooler and had lunch then back to the house.   Back at the house, they finished the other sand art items and packed those up to take home.  An enjoyable day with Harper!!!

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