Dog Days!

Ok, maybe Doggies Day is a better phrase!!    Yes, we now have a new dog…    It has been 2 months since Snuggles left us to be with Herbie and Jingles.   On Fathers Days (Yes, that was a Busy Day) Lyn had stopped by Petsmart to pick up bird seed and they had an adoption event going on by one of the local Rescue Orgs.   She really liked this one little dog.  Anyway, she came home with the seed and found it full of insects, so a little later she took it back to return it.

She stopped by and looked at the dogs again…   Big Mistake!!   🙂    She took little Maggie for a walk…    tried to call me but I was cooking…   and told them she wanted her!   (I called her back and she informed me she was already  doing the adoption papers)

Anyway, she is a 2 1/2 year old tiny little Shih Tzu that is the sweetest little thing.   Very mellow and loving, she is a real joy.   She needs to put a little weight on and we are getting her in Friday to our vet for a check up.   She is spayed, has her rabies shot and is Heartworm negative..

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