1st Solo Boating Day…

June 13th was our 1st Solo day boating…   we had a 10:00 am Reservation and took a cooler with some drinks and lunch.  We headed south on the Wilmington River (on the ICW).  The ICW continued on a fork to the right (Skidaway River) which goes by the Isle of Hope.   We continued on the Wilmington, learning our way & navigating until approaching Wassaw Sound, which empties into the Atlantic.   I was not comfortable enough yet to enter the sound so we turned around and started heading back.   We anchored off of Skidaway Island and relaxed a bit and had lunch.  That was my 1st solo anchoring!

As we started back, I thought of jumping on the ICW at the Skidaway River for a bit but there was a boat running circles in the entry and I decided to just continue back.   Nervous about docking on my own but I did fine and we finished up, paid for fuel and headed home.   Very nice 1st excursion alone.

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