Radio Go-Kit

A Go-Kit or Go-Box is a Ham radio kit designed to be portable for set up anywhere.   They are very common for emergency communications where you can pack up and activate pretty much anywhere.

There are many ways to do it, some make wooden boxes, some used toolbox/tacklebox kits, some used customization rack cases (common for music) and some just pack the gear in a  tote.   I had used the tote but really wanted to build a ready to go kit.  With the tote, you had to unpack and then connect everything all up.   Then disassemble it all and pack back away.  I decided I wanted to do a professional job so decided to go with a Gator Box with Rack shelves, mount all equipment rigidly and wire everything up so you just connect the antennas, plug it in and you are on the air.

I had the basic radios but chose to sell my 450D HF rig and get an FT-891 HF.  Also needed to pick up a power meter and a tuner.   Here was my layout plan.

I ordered what I needed and waited for the case to arrive.

I then began fabrication….   started with mounting on the bottom shelf, then the 2nd shelf.  The 2nd shelf had stuff mounted on both the top and the bottom.


After I got everything mounted, I fit the 2 shelves into the case and then some minor tweaks to fit everything for operation.   Here is the final box…

Now it became time for wiring….   and then labeling all the wires…


I was very pleased with how this all turned out!


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