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PHOTO NEWS – I decided to sign up for the Adobe Creative Cloud for photographers.  It includes the newest up to date versions of Lightroom and Photoshop.   I own Lightroom 5 but they have upgraded to Lightroom 6.   I debated whether to just buy the upgrade or to bite the bullet and join the subscription service called Creative Cloud.   I really did not use Photoshop much (my version was ancient) but there were some features in the new versions I likely would use.  After giving it some thought, I decided to do it so I signed up and downloaded both versions.  I believe I will get more for my dollar now and want to do some more work with Photoshop.  I will be doing some studying online to learn what I can about both.

One item I need to do (and I have started) is to get a proper catalog of my images.  Lightroom is superb for this if you have a system and I have not taken full advantage until now.  The 1st step is to come up with a proper workflow, then begin using it on my current images.  The hardest part will be to go back and catch up on all my older images (11,000 approx).  The plan is as follows:

1.  Scan new images, removing those of no value or duplicates.
2.  Assign “Keywords” so that I can recall images as needed such as Family, Scenic, Architecture, Night, Macro etc.
3.  Process (Edit) images, deleting those that are not very good and the best tagging with 5 Stars.
4.  Assign the 5 Stars to “Collections” by Type of photo so that I can recall my best by category.

This sounds like a lot but 1 and 3 were already being done, just not using a big enough brush to weed out stuff that is not good.   The hard part now is to go back through the old photos and assign Keywords and 5 Stars.  This will take some time to accomplish but if I steadily work at it, I can make it happen.  I have already gotten through about 2500 images!  🙂

Theme images – I recently took and processed 3 Theme Images.   I am participating in a project on Nikonites called “52 in 2015”.  Each week, a photo is submitted for  a specific theme and I am using the Theme List from Nikonites.

Abandoned Extreme Repetition
Arches Fast Roadside
Architecture Fence Rock(s)
Bark Fly/flying Silhouettes
Black & White Fountains/Waterfall Stairs/Steps
Broken Gates Still Life
Chairs & benches  Glass Through a window
City/Town/Home Industrial Unique Camera Angle
Close-up Isolated Vehicle
Coiled Landscapes Water
Colors Leaning Weather
Columns Leaves Window(s)
Crooked Locks
Curves Looking up
Damage Motion
Darkness Neglected
DOF Night
Dot /Dashes/ Diagonals Old
Duplicates Pairs
Entrance Reflection

Week #18, #19 & #20 were “Dash”, “Duplicate” & “Entrance”

image002  “DASH” (A 1948 Tucker)

image001  “DUPLICATE” (Me cooking Me a Steak)

image003   “ENTRANCE”  (Cheddars Restaurant in Pooler GA)

Hope everyone is enjoying, be back soon!

Pat & Lyn


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