48 Hours to Nashville

Ok, so it was really 24 hours to Tulsa, but the actuality is we have 2 days of driving to get to Nashville.   Today, 5/15, we departed the motel in Mitchell SD around 5:00am and began our 2 day trek.  At this point we do not know whether we are staying in Nashville to see the sites or just stopping an continuing home.  Regardless the choice, we have 2 days driving to get near Nashville and 3 days driving to get home.

It was not a very scenic drive (at least compared to what we have been seeing) and we had difficulty finding a breakfast location so we delayed and had a late breakfast at an IHOP around 10:45.  We passed through the KC area around 12:30 and eventually stopped in the town of Kingdom City Missouri, approx 2.5 hours west of St Louis.  It was 3:20 and we are very tired.   Gonna relax, get in some dinner later and then make a decision on the next step of the trip.

Ok, decision made, we are both tired and we are going to pass on Nashville as we can get near Chattanooga tomorrow and have a shorter ride home on Wednesday!

5/16, we got up early and hit the road.   Made good time into St Louis and then made a wrong turn (mis-communication between me and the GPS) but the GPS got us back on track quite quickly.  It was somewhat the early part of Rush Hour so traffic was heavy but I have seen worse.

We crossed over into Illinois and once the traffic cleared a bit we began looking for a breakfast stop.  We found one in New Baden, at 7:40 am called Good Ole Days Restaurant!  Quaint place in a small town frequented by the locals!   Great place for breakfast!!!   We love finding these places.


Most of Illinois was farmland and flat, and we crossed into KY at Paducah…   Lush Green, very pretty and similar but rockier as we got in TN towards Chattanooga.   We stopped for the night in Jasper, just outside Chattanooga about 2:00 pm

Here we are, the last day of our Epic Adventure!  We spent the night in Kimball TN and got on the road about 5:00am.  We had clear sailing through Chattanooga and into GA until we approached Atlanta.   SLOWWWWWWW   Traffic…     Thats ok, better that than whizzing all around me at the speed of light!!!  It took over an hour and a half to get through it all.

We grabbed some breakfast on the other side, stopping at an IHOP before proceeding the rest of the way home.

It was around 1:30 when we arrived home….    we stopped on the way in and picked up Snuggles ashes….   as Lyn said, he needed to come home now!


28 Days
6648.6 Miles
21.1 MPG Average
46 MPH Average
142:41:40 Total Driving Time

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