Two Down Days!

Our plan called for 2 down days in Montana, one to just relax and refill prescriptions and the other to get the truck fully serviced as we needed to do that once during the trip.  Since we were going to be in Livingston for a couple days anyway, we chose it for the location.

Our prescription drug plan is via Walmart so we planned a scenic drive back to Bozeman (closest Walmart) for today, Tuesday 5/10.  Lyn had not been feeling well so after the motel breakfast she stopped at the local Urgent Care.  She has Gastricesopgagael Reflux disease.  They called in  a couple prescriptions.  We had to refill one of mine anyway.

Now, understand, Walmart is 22 miles back down the highway in Bozeman.  We decided to take the scenic way!  1st, up to the historical part of town, then North on Rte 89….   picked up Rte 86 which ran west and south through the mountains, ranches etc and back into Bozeman.    Our 22 mile ride took 80 miles and just over 2 hours and we loved it!!!

It is no wonder people want to live here.  Later, we went to dinner in town at Montana’s Rib & Chop House!


Our 2nd down day is Friday the 12th, the day after Yellowstone.   We slept in and had a late breakfast (7:30) in the lobby.   Lyn took the truck in for service (we had an appointment at the local dealer) while I caught up on paaperwork.

At lunch, we med Chad Smith and his wife Jill  (from the MTF) for a meal at Gil’s Goods, neat little open air restaurant on the main street.   We had a nice visit.


The rest of the day was laundry, packing up and relaxing as we hit the road again in the morning!

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