Travel to Bozeman MT (Livingston)

Here we are again, back on the road!   It has been a great trip so far.   The next two days are travel up to Bozeman MT where we will spend a few days to see Yellowstone, Service the truck, laundry etc.

The first day we made it to Provo Utah.   We traveled up US Route 89 and we are so glad we did.   This has been some of the best scenery of the entire trip, even better in some ways than Sedona!!

We checked out at 5:15 local time and went around the corner to fill up our coffees at Dunkin Donut (and had an obligatory donut).   Heading out of town, we were not very far out (maybe 15 minutes when stop to admire the mountains with snow on top.  We were pretty impressed at the time.

Continuing north, we drove about an hour to the small town of Cameron.  It is a Navajo town and they have a well noted Hotel, Restaurant and Trading post.  We stopped and paid them a visit.  Very nice place and Huge gift shop.  As we drove North, the Mountains to the west just kept getting more impressive.  That is the direction of the Grand Canyon (you can reach the South Rim from Cameron).   About 10:30 we began climbing a series of switchbacks and the rock wall was right beside us! Then we opened to a wide view to the west!!   Magnificent!!!   The view was towards the Colorado River and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  We stopped and took these:

Then continued and went through a red rock pass and began the descent to Page AZ.   The view ahead opened up to reveal Gen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell.

We had breakfast in Page and then continued across the Colorado.  There was a scenic overlook that we took which opened up to some gorgeous lake views created by the dam.


Continuing on RTE 89, we passed over into Utah, heading West to Kanab and more switchbacks, turning North.   We had many more scenic views as we passed between Bryce and Zion National parks.  Around 4:00 pm, we stopped for the night in Provo Utah, just before Salt Lake City.



We got up early on the 9th of May and reviewed our options.  We had planned to travel to Bozeman and use it as a base but on further review, we would be closer to Yellowstone and get better Motel prices in Livingston.  It was a bit further but close enough to make it in one day.  We also decided to spend 4 nights so we could enjoy Yellowstone, relax some, and get the truck serviced and last laundry done.  I booked a room online before departure.

It was still dark as we went through Salt Lake City on I-15 North so we did not see much but on the other hand, we got through before Rush Hour which was a good thing.   As daylight was approaching we began looking for a spot for breakfast.  When we head out early, we really enjoy a sit-down breakfast as it breaks up the day and the drive.   We passed through Ogden and Brigham City when I spotted a sign for JC’s Country Diner.  We pulled off in Tremonton Utah and found the restaurant.   Great Choice!!  We really like this little local places for breakfast.  Lyn had the 2 egg breakfast and I had biscuits and gravy.

We crossed into Idaho a little after 7:00 and at Idaho Falls jumped off to Rte 20.  It seems like each day, I keep saying the scenery is getting better…   and wondering how that can be.   Again, today is no different, majestic snow capped mountains and gorgeous lakes!   The Grand Tetons to our right and the Caribou-Targhee National Forest.  As we approached the West entrance to Yellowstone we stopped and took a couple pictures and a few as I drove.


From here we took 287 up, crossed into Montana, up through Ennis and at Norris took Rte 84 over through Bozeman and I-90.  A short 20 minutes on I-90 brought us into Livingston and our motel at 1:30 pm Local Time.  After checking in, we stopped at Chrysler and got a service appointment for Friday.

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