There are 2 phases to this post.   The first is that I have been getting sicker daily and based on symptoms the last 2 days, felt I likely had a sinus infection.   It would not be getting any better soon without an antibiotic.   I elected to stay and extra day here in Sierra Vista and visit an Urgent Care Clinic.  Looking on the internet, found the High Desert Clinic just a few miles down the road so we stopped at the office and extended our stay an extra day.

The clinic opened at 9:00 am and we were there when it opened.   I got signed in and waited my turn.  Very pleased with the service, I was in and out in 1 1/2 hours.  The doctor confirmed sinus infection and gave me two prescriptions.  Hopefully I can start to feel some improvements in 24 hours.  Medicare covered all but $37 of the prescriptions and I was pleased with that.

The 2nd phase, well we have had a couple long driving days and next week it looks like we will run into some more.  We have decided to try and shorten these by adding an in between motel stay where needed to take some of the edge of the long days.

So that is the delay factors and we are good with that.  Tomorrow, back on the road to Saguaro.

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