To Arizona

We are taking a day and 1/2 to get over to Arizona.  Staying near Las Cruces NM the first night and then into Sierra Vista on the 2nd day, at least that is the plan!

Sunday 4/30:
We departed San Marcos right at 4:30 local time.  There was thunder and lightning in the air as we got started and right after pulling out of the lot we got a small bit of hail.  We headed down the service road to a Gas & Convenience store, grabbed some coffee and hit the road south on I-35.  At 4:45 we exited onto highway 46 to cut across to I-10 and bypass San Antonio to the north.  An hour later we arrived at Boerne, turned onto 87 and followed it over to I-10.

At 7:50, we stopped in the town of Sonora to get breakfast.  We spotted Sutton County Steak House, cute little place that served breakfast.  Lyn got an Omelette and I had the Biscuits & Gravy…

Back on the road at 8:30 we continued on I-10.   It was pretty sparse and there was rocky formations that were interesting.   There was not much in services so we decided to fuel up in Fort Stockton, no knowing what we would find between there and El Paso.   In this area, the landscape changed, getting showing even less vegetation and more rocky terrain.   It was not real picturesque.

As we approached El Paso, the scenery changed, showing more growth and mountains in the distance that were nice to look at.   We grabbed lunch on the outskirts at 12:40 local time.  (we had gained an hour as we passed into Mountain Time).   We looked for a motel but they either did not meet with our needs or we were discouraged by the ridiculous traffic.  We finally decided to skip it and continue on to Las Cruces (our original plan) and landed at a Quality Inn & Suites at 2:27 Local (Mountain) Time.

Monday 5/1
We got up at 6 am local time.  Both of us are feeling under the weather and we only have a 4 hour drive left for today.   They have a continental breakfast here so we headed on down there about 6:30, ha a nice little breakfast and then checked out.   Grabbed some coffee up the street and was on the road by 7:20.  Two hours later we crossed into Arizona.  Local time is only 8:30 as they do not recognize DST.   Gets confusing!

The Arizona scenery has not changed much, very desert like with mountains surrounding.  About 9:30 local we stopped at the Texas Canyon rest area.  Beautiful rock formations!


In Benson, we got off I-10 onto Route 90 which which take us to Sierra Vista.   THe scenery was as I remembered.

When we reached Huachua City, the main road from when I was here was just a service drive and there was a new 4 lane highway.  We found the old trailer park where I lived, pretty well all but abandoned now.   This was my street…

And this is the entrance to Fort Huachuca…   also MUCH changed in 44 years!

WE got to the motel at 11:30 but could not check in yet, so we went down the road to Denny’s and had lunch.   We then drove around town a bit, wow, so much larger than when I lived here.   The population in 1970 was 7000 (I was here 1971-73) and it is now 45,000.


Tuesday 5/2
Today we spent over in Tombstone AZ.   It was scenic 20 mile winding ride over from Sierra Vista.   Very scenic looking at the mountains in the distance…

We arrived in town, drove around a bit and landed at Boot Hill where we also picked up some literature.


We went to the OK Corral for the Gunfight and museums etc.   Then we walked the streets to check out various shops and establishments.

When it was time to eat, we settled on Big Nose Kate’s Saloon…  Nice atmosphere, entertainment and reported to have good food.  We were not disappointed, ordered a Patty Melt with Frys, superb and HUGE!


After our meal, we headed down the street to catch the stagecoach tour which we enjoyed.  Then it was a pleasant ride back to the motel.

Tomorrow we head to Saguaro and Phoenix….

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