Snuggles – RIP


Our wonderful Snuggles is gone all too soon.   He was going on 12 but we were not ready.  The worst part (in my mind) is we were 1000 miles away on vacation when it happened and we never got to hold him and say our goodbyes.  He was staying with his trainer Brian when it happened.  I got a text from Brian asking about our vet at 1:30 (he appeared to be having a problem breathing)   We sent that info and at 2:45 sent a text asking him to call me if he took him in.   I wanted him to know that Snuggles had a few  workup at the vets in case he took him to his vet (much closer).   In just a few minutes the phone rang, it was Brian and Snuggles was gone.  He just fell over while Brian was getting his shoes on…   and he could not revive him.

Obviously, we were in shock.  Brian was crying, we were crying.   Brian loved him almost as much as we did.  Snuggles was a people dog, wanted to be by people, loved by people and gave back so much love.   He followed us everywhere and the eyes in the picture above was our Snugs..   always looking at his people!  He was the same way with Brian and followed him everywhere.   After we collected our thoughts, we contacted Godley Animal Hospital and made arrangements for his cremation and they will hold his ashes till we return.  He often walked the fence line around our little yard and we called it Paw Patrol.   We will scatter his ashes along the Paw Patrol and he will rest with us in the yard we all loved.

Snuggles was special in so many ways.   He was spoiled and he knew it…   when he wanted something, he would sit there and stare at you with those eyes and if you did not respond, he spoke to you!  Yes, it was a bark but he was speaking and he was determined to get you to react.  He loved scraps from my breakfast (eggs/toast/oatmeal).  He hated his collar clanking on the bowl/plate and expected you to put his scraps on a paper plate.  For oatmeal or poached eggs, after he finished he still wanted to lick the bowl/plate but barked when it was time to move or rotate it so he would not clank!   That was so funny.

He loved rubs…  his head, his back and especially under chin and his belly.   When he wanted his belly rubbed, he just flopped on his back with his legs up and wiggled!  He loved to cuddle and lay with you…  not to be held but to be near and get rubs.   He loved riding, in the Ural, in the car or to take a walk.   When you got the leash out he bounced all over with excitement.

He could be stubborn….  when we worked with him if he did not want to obey, he would just sit and whimper or bark.   He hated having to sit on the wet grass, did not even like walking on it!

You get the drift….  he was special and we loved him so much.  Missing him everyday.  Snuggles, We Love You   RIP



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  1. Jessica Manning says:

    I am so sorry for your loss.

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