8 Days Of Texas..

Arriving in San Marcos, we will be here for 8 days….    summaries of each day follows…

Day 1 – Saturday 4/22
We ate breakfast at the Continental Bar at the hotel (Red Roof) and then headed over to Ralph’s place to visit.  James and Dianne came down from Mountain City to visit.  We had a nice time and enjoyed socializing with Family.  They both seemed well and it was nice to catch up on things.   Sharon and Denny were not able to come up but we are expecting them tomorrow.

We broke early afternoon and went out to eat.  The choice for the day was San Marcos BBQ in town.   Great food!!   After eating, we toured the old part of San Marcos (we were all in the truck) and passed some of the old places they lived.  Then it was back to Ralph’s before we all broke for the evening.


Day 2 – Sunday 4/23
Same scenario as yesterday, breakfast at the hotel then over to Ralph’s place.  James had church obligations and would not make it down today but Sharon and Denny were coming up for the day.  They live in San Antonio.  When we got to Ralph’s, we found out there Daughter Lucynda was coming with them also.
Again, great visiting and all…..  Today, Lucynda suggested we at at Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant.  They have been in the area but this one in San Marcos was new this year.

  When we broke up here, the Massey’s headed back to San Antonio and we were joined by Lyn’s cousin Trissy and her husband Randy.  We wandered over to a local watering hole in town (Zellics) and had a couple drinks before we headed back to the room.   It was another great day with Family.


Day 3 – Monday 4/24
On the way over to Ralph’s, we stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked up some flowers for Lyn’s (and Ralph’s) mothers grave.   Ralph went with us to go down and place the flowers on the grave-site at the cemetery.   Then we went back and waited for the others.


Lucynda did not come up as she had to work but Sharon and Denny came up and James and Dianne came down to visit.  We had a very nice visit today and shared old stories.   For lunch today, we decided to do Chinese.   Ralph rode with Sharon & Denny and James & Dianne rode with us to the Taste of China.   After a good meal, we headed back to Ralph’s before breaking for the day.


Day 4 – Tuesday 4/25
Today James and Dianne invited us all up to their place in Mountain City, 20 minutes or so North of San Marcos.   We drove up there to visit and were soon joined by Sharon, Denny and Ralph.  James and Dianne have a beautiful home but an even more beautiful Yard!!!   Landscaped nicely and full of bird feeders, nesting boxes and Birds Galore.   So much fun to sit out on their patio and watch the birds.

James grilled up some pork sirloin steaks and Dianne made a bunch of fix’ns.  We had a great meal and the social time was superb.   It was a beautiful day to spend outside.


Day 5 – Wednesday 4/26
A very Sad day for us…   Brian, our trainer and who was watching Snuggles called us to say that Snuggles had died of an apparent heart attack.  He was almost 12 years old.  More later in a separate posting but needless to say this put a real damper on our trip, and we did not go back to sleep.

Today was a “do your own thing” day.  We usually do some sight seeing and gives everyone else a chance to get things done for themselves.   We had planned to run to Luling and visit the Zedler Mill.  Then we would head down to Gonzalez and visit the Gonzales Jail Museum.

The Zedler Mill, which is the only remaining example, was established in 1874 as the Luling community’s grist mill. A simple stone dam was built by Leonidas Hardeman and two brothers, John and James Merriweather – all three from Tennessee. … It was known as the Merriweather Mill at that time.

The Gonzales Jail, built in 1887, the jail closed in 1975. It is now a museum of Gonzales County law, order and transportation. Features rebuilt gallows, original cells, sheriff’s and jailer’s quarter.

On the way back, we decided to get Chili Dogs from the “Chili Dog Stand” in San Marcos.   Called Ralph to see if he wanted any and he said yes so we grabbed the dogs and fritos and stopped at Ralph’s place to eat before heading home.

Day 6 Thursday 4/27
Cuzins Day!    Lyn’s cousins (The Majors) were coming each to visit.   We met our clan at Ralph’s and then met up with the others over to the San Marcos Barbecue.  We were joined by Bill and Oscar Major along will Bill’s wife Barbara.  Also joining us were the cousins Marsha and Denise.

We had a really great time and I hope we can do something like this again next year when we return.


Day 7 – Friday 4/28
I was sick last night and still am today.  I stayed here to relax in the morning while Lyn went on over to visit her siblings.  She called me when they were ready to go eat and picked me up on the way to Mana’s for Mexican.


After eating we all went back to Ralph’s (us, Sharon/Denny & James/Diane).   They later went home We hung around a bit and waited on Trissy and Randy.   When they called, we headed into town and met them at Italian Garden.   Excellent food and good prices.


After dinner, we stepped outside to find our truck had been towed.  A couple phone calls and $100 and we had it back.  (Yes, were parked illegally!)

Day 8 – Saturday 4/29

This was our last day in town, as always we took everyone out to a meal before we left.  We all went up to Grins and had a great visit with a good meal.  Afterwards, we went outside and said our goodbyes.   Back to the motel to pack for our early departure on Sunday.



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