Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter Sunday, Lyn has already made the baskets for the grandkids…    the eggs are filled with treats…    We take some time to go hide eggs before the kids get here.  Pink is for Harper, Purple for Ella and Jack’s are Blue!  We hide some out front, in the living area of the house and a few out in the backyard.

The kids arrive, the little ones spot the baskets on the table but I hold them back (or at least try to!).   We go ahead and have them give Claire her gift and share a birthday card with Scott.   Then it is Basket Time….  They have fun intently examining the contents of candy and toys.

They gather the baskets now to collect eggs…   we head outside front first, then do inside before finishing in the back yard.   The kids have so much fun with this and we do too, watching their joy.  (see the pictures!)

Later we have a nice meal together and Lyn fixed Pork Chops with the fixings which all seemed to enjoy.   After eating, they were all out in the yard blowing bubbles!  A very nice family gathering for all.


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