Travel to San Marcos TX

Day 1
We began our epic adventure by traveling to San Marcos Texas.  Our 30 day Western Tour begins with an 8 day stay here to visit with Lyn’s family.  The first day, we planned to get to Meridian MS., then Palestine TX, leaving us a short drive on day 3 into San Marcos.

We got on the road right around 4:30 am and and headed out I-16 across GA.   As we approached Macon (6:30 am) we hopped on route 96 and then picked up route 80.  At 8:45, we crossed into Alabama and then stopped about 9:00 am at a Waffle House for breakfast.  We passed through historic Selma at 11:40 and stopped at McDonalds to grab lunch on the road in Demopolis AL and then crossed into Mississippi at 1:15 and then hopped onto I-20.   We passed through Meridien and then stopped in Newton for the night, about 30 miles further.  We grabbed some dinner and filled the fuel tank before settling in for the night.

Day 2
We are on Central Time now and hit the road early again at 4:30 (5:30 EDT).  Our plan called for us to make Palestine Tx and spend the night but I already could see an issue.  The GPS indicated we could easily make San Marcos today.  This was due in part to the fact that we had left earlier both days than the “schedule”.   I tend to be conservative on the planned driving time so we can easily make our destination early.  We had a full breakfast stop coming up and decided we would stop in Palestine and make a decision then.

We crossed into Louisiana just after 6:00 am and after talking to some folks back home on the radio, decided to look for a spot for breakfast.   We were looking for something different than a Waffle House and just coming into Shreveport we spotted it!!  Breakfast was at a cute little restaurant called Sue’s Country Kitchen.  They had good food and service!

We crossed into TX about 10:00 am and near Marshal exited I-20 and began heading south on Route 79.  We reached Palestine at 12:30 and stopped at a Denny’s for lunch.  The GPS indicated with a lunch stop we could still make San Marcos before 5.  While waiting for our food, we called ahead to confirm we could get our room a day early (we could).  After lunch, we fueled up and headed in the last 4 hours.  We hit some traffic coming into town (rush hour) and arrived just after 5:00 pm.   After checking in, Ralph picked us up for dinner at Mana’s Mexican Restaurant.  We were tired when we got back and decided to wait until morning to unpack…



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