New ARES Position!

While working at a Hospital Net on a Thursday, I was approached by the Chatham County Emergency Coordinator (also my friend) to see if I wanted to take on a little more responsibility within the State ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services).   I of course inquired what it was before going further!!

The Position was DEC NWS Charleston.   That is a District Emergency Coodinator with responsibility for 12 counties in SE GA.   NWS Charleston is the National Wether Service in Charleston SC and it is a Liaison position between the EC’s in each county and the NWS Office.   I indicated to Steve I would be but would like some more detail on the Job Responsibility.   He passed that up to the DEC for the District who recommended me up the ladder for the position along with a request for more info.

I spoke with the ASEC for NWS (Asst State Coodinator) who filled me in with some details and I agreed to the position.   Within a few days, I was formally appointed by the State!

From the email I received…..

DEC for Charleston SC, Pat McGhie KB1WEI, now appears in the leadership roster.  A graphic snippet should appear below if your mail client can handle embedded graphics.
Inline image

I am now in the process of making contacts with my counterparts across the state and within the NWS office to work out how we can help each other going forward.  Hopefully I can make a difference.

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