MS Challenge Walk

The Southeast Region, National MS Society, put on a Challenge Walk Fundraiser  for March 3-5 in Savannah.   It is a 50 mile walk, 20 on Friday, 20 on Saturday and the last 10 on Sunday.

The group putting it on had contacted our radio club for permission to use one of our repeaters for their Net & Event Communications.  We obviously gave permission for such a community service function and they also were soliciting some local volunteers.   I signed up to assist on both Friday and Saturday.   Friday was 20 miles in downtown Savannah and I was stationed at Hull Park, the last rest area before the finish.    It was not all that busy as many had been transported to the end when they tired out and others just skipped us as they were close to the end.

On Saturday, the route was also 20 miles but around Skidaway Island and The Landings (Residential Area).    Today I was at station 6 (in the landings) and we had tons of people!!  (earlier in the route).   We also had two medics who treated an assortment of foot ailments, mostly blisters.   Today was a bit windy and chilly

On Sunday, they did the last 10 miles out on Tybee Island.  I did not work this day as they did not need extra help with the shorter route and it was also my day to work the monthly Hospital Net.

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