6 Meter Ham!

Not an eating ham, but an Amateur radio Ham!   A group of locals (about 10 of us) have begun playing around with 6 meter communications.  It is a fun VHF band that sometimes opens for long distance but is also well suited to local traffic.

We have been playing around for a couple weeks and as it is at the end of my HF antenna, I do not tune very well there and because of a null “dead spot” due South cannot even hear one of the guys.   This has caused me to look into actually making a 6 meter antenna.   That is a fun part of the hobby I have not done much with as I am in an HOA area that restricts antennas.

So far, I cut up a 10 meter wire dipole and tested it hanging between my fence and patio umbrella!!   That worked well and I was thinking of building a wire from scratch when I realized I could make a rigid structure using 2 aluminum whips from my portable buddistick kit.   I needed to order a base for it and it should arrive today.

In the meantime, I took one of the whips, adjusted it to the correct length and using the buddistick base and a camera tripod put together a little Vertical unit.   Tested last night, it worked great and looking forward to trying the next one.

Here is the Vertical on a camera Tripod.

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