WSPRLite Transmitter

WSPR, pronounced “Whisper”, is Weak Signal Propagation Reporter.   It is typically a very low power signal (beacon) transmitted at regular intervals.   Monitoring stations report when hearing it and it allows one to monitor how an antenna is doing on a particular band at a particular day and time.   Running it for awhile allows one to actually track the propagation of radio waves and the effectiveness of your antenna.

Some may remember, last year I built a small WSPR transmitter with a Raspberry Pi.  At our January club meeting Forest (K4FTP) did a presentation of the commercially made WSPRLIte by Sotabeam in the UK.   This had much more capability than my little kit and I decided to get one.   It comes ready to operate on 20 and 30 meter bands and has an optional filter kit (assemble from scratch) to allow access on 40, 80 and 160 meter.   I also got teh kit, though I have not started building that part yet.

The transmitter works great and I have run tests on my end fed wire on both 20 and 30 meter.  One particular day on 30 meters I had over 450 contacts and hit Australia and near Europe.

I have been playing with 6 meter lately so have not been able to run the WSPR as much as I would  like but I expect to give it some real testing after my 6 meter builds are complete.


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