Another Big Cook!

I have to tell you, Lyn and I are really enjoying our  Pellet Smoker.  We planned another good cook for the 14th of February (right after our electricians left!).

This one is an all Poultry Cook!   The prime meat is something I have never done before which is a “Beer Can Chicken”.   Basically, it is nothing more than a large roasting chicken perched onto a can (often Beer).   I did it with my basic spices, an all purpose followed by a bbq rub.   I used the same Creole Butter injection I used on the Turkey but diluted it quite a bit (2 to 1) with Chicken broth.   I felt full strength over powered the meat flavor before.  The Can contained beer, onion pieces, some garlic powder and all purpose spice.

We also did Cornish game hens.   As these were going to be frozen, I had seen a simple recipe with lemon pepper brine over night and then lemon pepper spice rub.   Simple and hopefully flavorful.

We also through on a couple chicken breasts.   I did one as before, olive oil/red wine vinegar marinade overnight and a cajon spice rub.   The 2nd had the same marinade but tried it with my barbecue rub.

Ready To Cook


The Chicken was Delicious…   so moist and tasty and we got 2 full meals out of the bird.  I called it the “best chicken ever”.  A week or so later we had the lemon pepper hens and they were superb.   Probably sample the chicken breasts next week.

The Finished Product

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