Electrical Update

Since moving in here, Lyn has HATED our dining room light.   The light was Ugly and not centered on the table.  The problem was, to replace it would require moving it, patching painting etc…    We had a small list of other items we wanted but were waiting until Lyn decided on a new light and how.   We could also put in 2 pendant lights, one using the existing hole.

Well, time passed by and we just did not get it done as we did not know what we wanted.   Over that time, one bulb in the “shack” fixture quit working, one in our 5 bulb track lighting quit working and eventually our backyard security light (motion) quit working.  We finally decided to look at some options and then call an electrician.

Fast forward to when he arrived.   Walked around and went over all the options.  Our major concern was the dining room and after looking and listening to us, he suggested using a swag design.  Use the existing base hole and swag the chain to a hook over where we wanted it centered and then drop it.  We loved the idea!!    He also suggested they could likely fix my light and the kitchen light.  We VETOed the kitchen as we hated the bulbs ( a plug and twist) as they were very difficult to change.  We went over the rest of the list, he gave us a ballpark quote and we agreed.

Once we bought the 3 fixtures (kitchen, dining and security) we called our electrician and scheduled the work.  A 2 man crew showed up and in 2 and 1/2 hours….
1.  Installed new pendant swag light in dining (with dimmer switch)
2.  Installed new Track light (4 screw in bulbs) in the kitchen
3.  Installed new Motion Light in the back with LED Lighting
4.  Repaired the light in Radio Shack
5.  Added new 4 outlet receptacle in the garage
6.  Rewired backdoor screen room porch light
7. Replaced outdoor receptacle in back yard
8. Added New outdoor receptacle in back yard
9.  Cleaned up some loose speaker wiring from previous owner.

We are very pleased!!!

   Dining Room Swag


Kitchens nice even lighting



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