Foot Issues Solved

Hello everyone, please notice I did not say fixed!!

I have been in pain with my left foot since last June.  (Long story from a long ride)  My doctor originally guessed possibly some nerve damage and definitely collapsed arches.   Later I picked up Vionics flip flops that had real arch support and that seemed to be helping but just not enough.

Fast forward to December and at a regular visit, told my Dr that the Vionics had given me some relief but still was not that good.   He set me up with a referral to a Podiatrist for January.  He determined the collapsed arches had caused (over time) a severe arthritic condition and bone issues from the constant rubbing of the bones.   After reviewing the options, I went with custom orthotics for my shoes.   I could have opted for over the counter options but they would be a guess as too fit etc.   We made the molds right during that visit.   The 3rd option was surgery but all they do there is fuse the bones and you lose flexibility so I threw that one out.   The Dr was able to get a steroid shot into that joint.

It was 3 weeks to receive the custom pieces and when they came in, I returned for fitting.   In the meantime, I needed some ankle boots (lace up) and a good solid sneaker.  I selected a Rockport boot and New Balance sneakers.  In addition, as I knew I would not wear those all around the house, I bought some Orthofeet brand house slippers that have arch support.   This would help prevent further damage by me walking barefoot on the hard floors.

The custom devices arrived and I had them fitted to the new shoes.  I can feel the support and overall have had very low pain of late.  While not a cure, these steps should go a long way toward helping to relieve the pain and prevent further damage.

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