Epic Vacation

Yes, it is getting close!!!   Last year, I asked Lyn what she wanted to do for a vacation…   yes, I got the usual, “I don’t know”, “I don’t have anything special”.  I said come on, name one thing you would really like to do…      “Yellowstone”

Well, that’s what we are doing, Yellowstone on Steroids!!!    We are going to do our regular Texas Vacation but instead of coming home, we are heading west to Arizona, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite  etc….     I just finished the first pass of the trip and it is looking like approx 30 days and 7000 miles!!

Here are the Highlight destinations

San Marcos TX
Fort Huachuca AZ
Tombstone AZ
Old Tucson Movie Studio
Saguaro National Park
Montezumas Castle AZ
Grand Canyon AZ
Hoover Dam NV
Las Vegas NV
Death Valley CA
Mount Whitney CA
Yosemite CA
Bonneville Salt Flats UT
Great Salt Lake UT
Grand Teton WY
Yellowstone WY
Glacier Park MT
Custer Monument (Little Big Horn)
Sturgis SD
Mount Rushmore SD
Nashville TN

Here is the rough map.   This is the preliminary plan.   We now need to study all the various parks to determine exactly what we want to see and if we need to adjust our timeline.


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