Another Massive “Cook”

Jan 15th we set up for another smoker cook in the new pellet unit.   Typically, we try to cook up several items to maximize the use of the space, the time and the pellet supply.   We generally have a meat that we eat that day and fridge or freeze the balance for later.

This day we did a brisket flat, a Boston Butt for pulled pork sandwiches and 2 chicken breasts for dinner salads topped with chicken cubes.

It all came out really good….   we ate a brisket dinner today and froze the rest for later.   We split the pulled pork into 3 packs for 3 meals, freezing 2 and also freezing a chicken breast for later.

Ready to go………………    Looks good!!!

and the cooking……

Here is the finished product…..   Yes, I taste tested while carving!

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