New Years Day…

New Years Day, 2017 we decided to cook out on our new Pellet smoker/grill.    I had never done a Turkey smoked before and and we decided to make a full meal, Baked Potato, Mac & Cheese (homemade) and cabbage & carrots.   We did some of the prep (the turkey) the night before.   Injecting it with a Cajon marinade and letting it sit over night.

A friend who has no family came over to join us for dinner.   I had invited him as we knew we would have plenty of food and it was a good thing to do.   He seemed to enjoy the day and meal with us.   He brought desserts.

Here is the Turkey getting prepped…

And the next morning starting to cook…..


We then prepared the side dishes to go on later……


cooking it all…..


The finished product….


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