April Ending!

The month of April is winding down.  Overall, it has been a good month, highlighted by our Texas Trip.  That occupied half of the month and we really enjoyed it.   It had been 30 years since I had been back.   Here are some additional photos from that trip.

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We boarded the dogs while in Texas.  Upon returning, we received a call from the Vet Sunday morning (where the dogs were boarded) and there was some issue with Snuggles (the Shih Tzu). He has a condition known as dry eye, keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS). This is a common ocular disorder in the breed and is caused by an inadequate production of tears. The resulting dryness can invite scratches and damage to your dog’s conjunctiva and cornea. It can be serious if left untreated but fortunately it is simple and inexpensive to manage. Most affected dogs respond well to medicated, lubricated eye drops, though once started, they will be on them for life.

The worst part, he was required to wear the “cone of shame” for at least a week until he returns to the vet.  Lyn nicknamed him “Lampshade”  Here is what he looked like when she picked him up.

image005 image001

On Monday (4/20) Lyn picked up his medications, an eye drop and an antibiotic ointment. Having some issues with snuggles and his eye treatment. (he will NOT allow it..) We visited the vet to get some tips and they showed a couple techniques but also offered to do it if we brought him in.  Wednesday came and we decided to try and administer the drops ourselves.  After a short struggle, we got the 1st set in but he forced the muzzle off.  He has always been an “Escape Artist” as he used to work his googles off every time I stopped the motorcycle.

We decided to let him calm down a bit before we attempted to get the ointment.  Lyn thought maybe he would do better on the table so I went to pick him up and as I drew him close, he struck, like a rattlesnake!!  I can only think as i drew him close that he panicked expecting us to try again.   The results were not pretty, needless to say he back to the vets for drops at that point!

image004 image003 image002

The good news was that the following Monday, he got a good vet report, the ointment was no longer being applied and drops were now only once.   Best of all, NO CONE!

The rest of the week was quite nice.  We were so impressed with James & Dianne’s yard that it motivated us to get working on ours.   I cleaned out two hanging planters and transplanted some new plants over to them.   We got so much done and felt good about it. We cleaned the garage, disposed of trash cardboard, long overdue.  Also swept and washed the screen room and all furniture along with the house siding inside the room.  Lyn picked up plants to put out in the back yard and 2 new hanging planters for the front yard.  With 2 new bird feeders and the hummingbird feeder the yard (though small) looks nice and Spring Like! We were pleased and spend most of the day out back.  We are really enjoying watching the Hummingbirds!

image0022 image0011

Saturday, April 25th, we went out to Dinner for Scott’s Birthday with his family and Morgan’s parents, Lynn and David Reeves.  The Venue was Miyabi’s Japanese Steakhouse.  everyone had a really nice time and the food was good and plentiful.

1468699_10205375595801951_8153667671857562041_n  11148706_10206741578082120_4494785702864193622_n

We finished out the month of April with:

A major Storm overnight the 25th, thunder, lighting, torrential rain and winds clocked up to 81 mph.  Items were  overturned and blown around but the only real damage was our table umbrella did not survive.  (The replacement is here and will go back up today.)

Took Harper to her soccer practice and later that week went to Jack’s T-Ball game and then took him home.

D71_3957 D71_3923 D71_4069 D71_4056

Wishing all a great Month of May!

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