Christmas 2017

We had an excellent Christmas here in GA again, hoping all you folks had a good Holiday also.

Ours began Christmas Eve as Lyn and I exchanged our gifts to each other beyond the “Big One”.   We decided to get ourselves a Pellet Grill/Smoker and have already enjoyed it!!

Christmas morning we got up and Lyn got dinner started, spiral ham with all the trimming…      Scott, Morgan and the kids came over about 9:30 and our Christmas day began.  It was alot of fun, watching the excitement of the kids, that really makes it “Special”

The adults exchanged 1st and then we turned the kids loose!!!   After the gifts and playing a bit, we all sat down to a nice dinner.   We enjoyed some more family time after dinner before the kids had to head out for other scheduled activities.   It was great for us having them here!!!

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