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Over Thanksgiving, I discovered several people that I know who are into DMR Digital Voice.   This is based on a Motorola business service and I decided to see about trying it out.   I presently do DStar with Icom and I have a base, mobile in my truck and also a “Hotspot” built around a Raspberry Pi and an Icom hand held.

I settled on a Tytera DMR radio which is Chinese,  relatively inexpensive and comes quite highly rated in the reviews.   Since there is no repeater close by, I went with the hand-held and decided to link it into a portable Hotspot.   The one I selected is the Openspot Shark RF which is eastern European.  It is fairly new but highly regarded in the industry and found one in stock at the Gigaparts in Alabama.   In addition to DMR, it will also do Dstar and Fusion (Yaesu based)   At that point I will have access to all 3 major digital modes.

I have it working on DStar, with help from a friend in TN got it working DMR, and now looking at Fusion!

20161213_154210 20161215_101300

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