New Grill!!!!

Our new Pellet grill arrived from Field & Stream on December 5th!!   As mentioned previously, we bought the Camp Chef unit.

20161206_104007-2 20161206_104020-2 20161206_104027-2

We assembled the sub components on the 7th and it went very smooth.  I was impressed with how it was packaged, organized and the instructions.   It appeared to be high quality and very sturdy.   On the 8th, we got it moved to location in the back yard, added the shelves etc and fired it up for the burn in.   All went well and I was pleased.

20161208_134154 20161208_134145 20161208_134109

It was now time to cook for the first time!!   The next day we started to prep for the first cook.   We decided to do a Pork Loin roast and a couple chicken breasts.   In both cases, I picked new recipes.   The pork was seasoned and wrapped in bacon and soaked in a marinade.  The chicken was soaked in olive oil and red wine vinegar and covered in cajun spice.

20161209_124839 20161209_151510 20161209_163409 20161209_174619

We had the roast the same day, putting the chicken away for the next day.  The chicken would be cut up into a salad.  They were both amazing and we ended up with 2 meals from each.   Very pleased with my 1st time with the pellet grill!!!

20161209_175909 20161209_17563920161210_162803 20161210_163006


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