Thanksgiving in Michigan

We, as is the norm, made our annual trek to Michigan for Thanksgiving.  It was a great trip and we really enjoyed seeing everyone!  We boarded Snuggles with our trainer so he would have people and 5 dogs with free run of the house, no crate.  It also allowed us to get an early start

We left on Monday the 21st, approx 4:30am.   Our plan as in years past was to take a day and 1/2 to get there, driving 2/3’s the 1st day and only having 4 to 5 hours the 2nd.   We drove until 8:40 and then stopped at Denny’s in Spartanburg for a sit down breakfast.  That tends to break up the day when we get such an early start.   Our first day ended at 3:50pm when we stopped just a bit short of Cincinnati, in Dry Ridge KY.  We stayed at the Dry Ridge Motor Inn.

Day 2 began at O-Dark-Thirty, or in regular time 4:45am.  We figured to be through Cinci early before the rush and things worked out as planned.   Our breakfast was planned for just before Dayton to let their rush hour finish while we ate.  We stopped at 8:25 in Springboro OH, just south of Dayton.   Ate a nice breakfast at Bob Evans!   Continuing on after, we arrived in the Metro area around 11:30 and to kill some time we drove around the old neighborhoods before continuing on to the Red Roof Inn.

VISITS – That is what this trip is all about…    and they were everyday!!

Tuesday – After relaxing a bit at the motel, we met Sharon, Rick and the kids along with Joe and AJ for Dinner at Outback Steakhouse.  Nice dinner and nice visit with the kids!

Wednesday – Went in to town at noon and visited with David Flynn at his store Pack Shack.   David and I have been friends for many years and a visit to see him is a MUST DO.  Later in the afternoon, we headed back to the room to await Pat & Don Inman who are also in to see family and staying at the same place.   I have known them for 48 years and Don and I worked together at Hydromation for 21 years.   We went out to an old watering hole from the Good Old Days called Mason’s Lounge for a visit and dinner.

Thursday was Turkey day.  We started it off by meeting Don and Pat for breakfast and then we headed out to my sister Linda’s house.  2 of her daughters were there (1 had to work) both son in laws and all of her grandchildren.   Our other sister April was also there with Brenda and her brother Brad.  Linda’s husband Neil also had his brother Larry and his wife join us.  Great fellowship and a great meal!!

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Friday – This was a special event to me.   It was the 2nd Annual Hydromation Employees Reunion Breakfast.  It was initiated last year by Pat & John Haines because Don and I would be in town and a chance to gather and see some of the old-timers.   As mentioned, I worked there for 21 years, right up until it closed in 1989, 27 years ago!   Last year we had 12 show up which I thought was good but this year we had 16!!!    Considering the years that have past,  it was great!
In the afternoon, we took a ride out to Joe’s place and visited with him.

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Saturday –  Saturday was another double family day….     In the morning we went out and visit with my Daughter Sharon, her husband Rick and the kids, Kory, Alyssa and Ashley.   We met their new cat and had a real nice visit with them.
About 11:30 we got ready to go to lunch.   This is somewhat of a tradition, I take the entire family out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings and we watch the Michigan-Ohio State game.   In addition to Sharon’s’ family, Linda and Neil came out with Jessica and Stephanie (daughters) and Stephanie’s daughter Grace.   Joe also made it and we had a really nice meal, visit and family bonding!

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Sunday – Another 2nd Annual Event, I call it the Cousins Brunch.   Last year at my brother Tom’s funeral we were talking among the McGhies & Henahans about how we should get togther at other than funerals.   I mentioned we were returning at Thanksgiving and through Pat & Nancy Henahan, the event was born, a Sunday brunch at their house.  It was superb and we decided to do it again, and again, they agreed to host.  Us and Linda & Neil joined from the McGhies as did Tom’s wife Louise.   It was great to see her again.  Pat & Nancy were there obviously and their 2 boys were home.  Deidre and Maureen also attended from the Henahan side.    It was great to spend time, reminisce and socialize with everyone.   I might add the meal that the Henahans all prepared was Fabulous!   I hope we can do it a third time next year.
We finished off the day back at the motel and packing up to start the return home in the morning…

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We left on Monday the 28th to begin the trek home.   As we did last year, we were going to drive through the Smokies in the daylight.   We managed to get on the road a little before 5:00am and boogied through Toledo before the rush house.  We stopped for breakfast at Bob Evans in Springboro, just the other side of Dayton.   We continued from there to Hendersonville NC where we stopped for the night at the Days Inn at 4:45.   Ordered a pizza in for dinner which was delicious!

Day 2 began at 5:00am, grabbed some coffee at McDonalds and hit the road, it was Dark Rainy and Curvy roads…    a bit of a white knuckle event for a couple hours till it cleared some and daylight appeared.   At 8:11, we stopped in Irmo SC (Just outside columbia and we were hitting rush traffic) for breakfast.   Our 1st visit to Cracker Barrel and we enjoyed it.  Back on the road, the traffic cleared and we had clear sailing, arriving back home at 11:30.   A wonderful trip but as always, nice to be home!!

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