Motorcycle Trade!

For those that remember, in September I announced I was retiring from Long Distance Riding and going to sell my Wing and likely get a Ural.    Well here we are in the Middle of November and I have been trying to accomplish this to no avail.

I listed the Wing for sale in a multitude of locations including forums, cycletrader and 4 different Craigslist locations in the south.  Never got any really serious inquiries and the bike was priced to sell and over time I dropped it quite a bit more.

I located some Urals and contacted several dealers from Charlotte to Alabam to Florida and in GA.   I initiated trade talks, realizing I would not get what I wanted outright but at the same time, I was not getting any offers.   A trade would just make the deal happen.  Only 1 of 4 dealers really seemed to be working with me.   I never heard back from Alabama, Daytona was a low offer, Charlotte lower.   The dealer in Norcross GA was working the best with me.   We were close to a deal and when I went to pull the trigger, the bike I was looking at was sold.   We looked at some others and/or the possibility of taking one in stock.  Once we decided, I contacted them and they now backed out of the trade.

Recently, a friend on the Soviet Steeds (a Ural Forum) suggested I contact Ural of New England.  I did that today (Friday Nov 11th) by sending Dmitry and email.   He responded within 2 hours, expressing interest and turning me over to his sales mgr.  Several phone calls later, we were able to work a deal for a trade of my Wing plus cash for a brand new 2016 Ural Gear Up in Urban Camo paint.   We will complete papers next week, wire money and schedule delivery/pickup for the week I get back from Thanksgiving!

I am pleased and excited!!!!   🙂

iw_800 ea_800 1a_800

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