New Grill Smoker

We have decided to get a new grill and decided we wanted a little more capability than we currently have.   Presently we have a Masterbuilt electric smoker and an inexpensive small gas grill we got at Home Depot when we first moved here.

I researched and talked to friends who have the Pellet Grill/Smokers and decided that is what I want to try.   Most are very similar, using an electronic controller to monitor the temperature  and advancing an auger to add wood pellets to the firebox.   Most also have a fan to circulate heat and smoke so items cook evenly.


The most famous is the Traeger Brand, they originated the process and after the patents expired, many others appeared.   Traeger still owns the market so to speak but there is a lot more options now.   I was interested in the Traeger but after extensive research I decided to go a different direction.

The Traeger Lil Tex was perfect for us size wise and had decent reviews.  There was a Pro 22 also at $100 more which offered a reportedly better controller, 2 built in meat thermometers and a warming rack.    It was causing me to think hard.

In my research, I found higher rated units but they were all more money…  Then I found the Camp Chef!   It was the same retail price as the Lil Tex but offered better controller, 2 side shelves, a built in meat probe, warming rack and 2 maintenance items.  It has a port to remove unused pellets and also a cleanout for the ash.   I also found it available for $100  less at Bass Pro so it was $200 less than the Traeger Pro.  It had very good reviews overall and appears at least equal to the Pro model.

Lastly, and this cinched it, I found it online for $200 off and and had a coupon for another $75, effectively, $375 less than the Pro.   As we are going to Michigan, I am waiting until we return to order the unit to assure we are home for delivery.

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