New Ham Radio

Actually, it is my Birthday Present, just a little late….   Lyn told me way back to get it but I put it off as I was not sure how/if it would mount in the truck.  (The Remote face is quite large)

It is the Icom ID-5100, the same radio that I am using at the house for UHF/VHF and also DStar.   I decided to add DStar to the truck and this radio just does everything so well and I am very comfortable using it.

I decided to investigate mounting options and once I determined how I may mount it, I went ahead and ordered it.   I had a couple issues with mounting!  1st part I ordered would not work so I sent it back.   The next selection, well twice I ordered and twice Amazon sent the wrong item.

Then I found out RAM (brand) mounts made a suction cup mount that should work and I had RAM arms etc as I use RAM exclusively on my motorcycles, and have for Years!   The mount was perfect, got the radio programmed and then finally installed in the truck on the 23rd!   I am really pleased with it all…




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